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The Great Plains STEM Education Center conducts a wide variety of educator professional development workshops, as well as STEM events for students.  Below are several videos highlighting recent events.

Washington Elementary 4th grade students design a soccer game using Lego WeDo robots.

Students at Enderlin Public School take part in a Rube Goldberg STEM Design Challenge.

Students at Edgeley Public school participate in a Family Engineering Night with their parents.

A pair of 9th grade Physical Science students at Marion High School study Newton's Laws of Motion using a Paper Rollercoaster they built.

A high school science teacher at a GPSEC workshop shows off his LEGO EV3 Smart Car programming skills.

K-12 teachers at a GPSEC workshop participate in an Inquiry learning activity.

Students in Bismarck explore computer programming, music, and the Makey Makey.