Great Plains STEM Education Center

Dedicated to the development of STEM education

The Great Plains STEM Education Center (GPSEC) provides professional development programs for K-12 teachers and administrators, and promotes high-impact, effective learning opportunities for students. GPSEC also seeks to establish connections with businesses and industries that recognize the need to prepare high school graduates to be career- and college-ready, equipped with essential problem-solving and communication skills. [See Photo Libraries on Flickr]

Department Websites

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The Department Homepage for the Great Plains STEM Education Center will provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education and training opportunities for K-12 students and teachers as an essential step in the process of increasing the technology and engineering capacity of the U.S. workforce. Visit our site to sign up for a workshop!

The Yellowstone Blog at Valley City State University contains student involved with the project learn in advance of the inter-related infrastructure of the Yellowstone National Park, such as how the re-introduction of the wolf has prompted richer forests and higher diversity. The visit to the park becomes a memorable perspective-changing capstone experience.

The ND STEM Blog is an effort to facilitate and assimilate conversations on all-things-STEM in the context of the great State of North Dakota. Consider this a pilot project and we would enjoy hearing from you on your perspectives.

GPSEC Moodle Site.

GPSEC Special Projects

Projects engaging students and adults in STEM activities

NDSTEM Network

The North Dakota STEM Network seeks to provide a collaboration for providing all students high-quality experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related fields.


Engage and inform the general public through a hands-on learning center in an actual farm cab that simulates driving experiences on a farm, engages the consumer and answers consumer questions.

Pickled Fish

The Pickled Fish Project is designed to incorporate biological adaptations of fish species and identification of North Dakota fishes in the classroom.

Ethanol Racer

A 3D interactive game comparing fuel types while focusing on what ethanol is, where it comes from, and how it's safe for vehicle use.

Contact Information

We are located in Rhoades Science building at Valley City State University

Jamie Wirth, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Assistant Professor
Phone: 701-845-7734 or 1-800-532-8641 ext 37734

David DeMuth, Jr., Ph.D.

Director of Integrative STEM Projects, Professor
Phone: 701-845-7437 or 1-800-532-8641 ext 37437

Gary Ketterling, Ph.D.

STEM Education Coordinator
Phone: 701-845-7446 or 1-800-532-8641 ext 37446

John Boucha, M.S.

STEM IT Professional
Phone: 701-845-7653 or 1-800-532-8641 ext 37653

Amanda Fickes, B.S.

STEM and Agriculture Instructional Designer
Phone: 701-845-7430 or 1-800-532-8641 ext 37430

Heidi Lindemann, B.S.

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 701-845-7441 or 1-800-532-8641 ext 37441